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The Lantern of Growth

Who Are We?

Green Lantern Capital LLP is a SEBI-registered portfolio management company, proudly based in Mumbai, India. Green Lantern Capital is our endeavour to create long term value for all our stakeholders by practicing research oriented, disciplined approach to investing. We are backed by a team of highly experienced investment and risk management specialists driven by unparalleled passion for investing. Our competence lies in identifying high quality business franchises, run by exceptional management teams that can grow faster for longer!! We invest in multi-asset portfolios, benchmark and market capitalization agnostic equity and provide investment advisory services, outcome-oriented investment solutions and fund management services for our clients. We hand-hold and work with individual investors, foreign investors, multiple institutions, family-run businesses to financial product advisors.

Our Belief and Investment Approach

Equity by its very nature is a volatile asset class. A rigorous, in-depth and disciplined research process is essential to ride the market volatility and consistently deliver superior risk adjusted returns over long periods of time. Our research process is based on time tested.

Our investment approach is based on the BMV model of investing, 1) Business, 2) Management and 3) Valuation, in that particular order.

1) Business
2) Management
3) Valuation

Business: Identifying and investing in the right business is very important, businesses with large market opportunities, strong competitive characteristics and high ROEs. Good businesses over a period of time tend to deliver superior returns.

Management: Identifying exceptional managements running these businesses, having industry leader mindset and hunger for growth driven by rational capital allocation.

Valuation: Last but clearly not the least is paying the right value for these businesses. Staying ahead of others helps a lot in getting these opportunities at high margin of safety. Margin of safety helps in downside protection and capital preservation.

Psychology of Investing

Investment is as much about Psychology as about the economics of it. Our research process helps us stay ahead of others and focus on asymmetric risk rewards and earning inflection points with high margin of safety. The most crucial aspect of investment is selling right. Most of the people either sell too early or too late. A disciplined approach to selling to maximize returns is as important as buying the right stock.

Organizational Pillars


With our investment pedigree, we are always up for giving our clients risk adjusted, long-term returns with thorough understanding of businesses and promoters by riding the business growth opportunities created by excellent teams of business owners and market cycles.


When it comes to investments, we have the right temperament for riding the winners and realizing full potential of our investments. We do understand the uncertainty that amateur investor experience hence our analytical skill grips your confidence. We’re always ready when others are irresolute & when others are greedy and in haste, we’re prudent.


Investment With our consistent and uncompromising commitment to strong moral and ethical principles, we collaborate with our clientele. Our transparent and updated communication truly nurtures our bonds with investors.

Our Strengths

  1. 80+ years of cumulative market experience, along with diverse backgrounds.
  2. Deep understanding of global macro and emerging trends.
  3. In depth knowledge of Indian businesses, promoters and companies.
  4. Right temperament to ride the winners and realising full potential of our investments
  5. Being greedy when others are fearful and being fearful when others are greedy. We are not compulsive investors.