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Portfolio Management Services is investment management services offered by the Portfolio Manager. The investment portfolio can be diversified into stocks, fixed income, and other structured products. These services can potentially be structured and tailored to meet specific investment objectives based on the risks, rewards and the goals of the investor.

A portfolio manager has a thorough understanding of the businesses and uses it to improve investor’s gains. The manager must have a clarity of the investor’s risk and reward expectations in order to use an appropriate and suitable strategy in order to deliver the high potential returns.

The investor and the portfolio manager enter into an agreement detailing the investment strategy, goals and risk appetite. The investor can offer either a sum of up to INR 50 lakhs or stocks worth this much.

A portfolio investment with a Portfolio Management Service is just equivalent to buying a phone having a screen protected with the tempered glass. Even though the screen is sensitive and prone to breakage with a drop, the tempered glass guards it to reduce its impact on your display. Similarly, the stock market is affected by economic slowdown and market downturns. Active decision making by the a Portfolio Management Service protects the investor from such falls marginally. Given the benefits of higher returns, diversified portfolio, risk management and customized, there are a few drawbacks of investing with a Portfolio Management Service house.


Green Lantern Capital provides Discretionary Portfolio Management Services, which is in the nature of investment management and may include the responsibility of managing, renewing, and reshuffling the portfolio, buying and selling the securities, keeping safe custody of the securities and monitoring book closures, dividends, bonus, buy-backs, rights etc. so that all benefits accrue to the client's portfolio, for an agreed fee structure and for a definite period as described, entirely at the client's risk.

We have the sole and absolute discretion to invest in respect of the client's account in any security as per executed agreement and make such changes in the investments and invest some or all the client's account in such manner, and in such markets as it deems fit would benefit the client. TOur decision in deploying the client's account is absolute and final and can never be called into question or be open to review at any time during the currency of the agreement or any time thereafter. Our right shall be exercised strictly in accordance with the relevant Act, Rules and Regulations, Guidelines, and Notifications in force from time to time.

At Green Lantern we have two such services planned for our potential investors:

Growth Fund

The fund strategy endeavors to generate superior risk adjusted returns, in varying market conditions, by investing in Mid & Small Cap companies.

Alpha Fund

The fund strategy endeavours to generate superior risk-adjusted returns, in varying market conditions, by investing in large Mid-Caps within a broad Multi-Cap allocation strategy.